Red Wine Temperature Guide

by Harry Poterfield on Feb 21, 2023

Red Wine Temperature Guide

Wine is a product that gets better with age. This is possible if the wine is kept under favorable environmental conditions that support wine storage. One of the key factors to be considered is the temperature.

When storing and serving wine, the right temperatures should be observed so that you can get the best experience out of it. In this article, we will go deeper into the perfect red wine temperature for storage and serving.

Red wines should be kept at room temperature for them to taste best. If you love red wine, you will have to store these selections at their optimal temperature to get the most enjoyment from them.

A great way to attain this goal is to get a wine cellar or wine cooler. Different temperature settings can be adjusted depending on whether you’re serving the red wine or storing it.

The Best Red Wine Temperature

The right temperatures for red wines are between 50° and 55°F. Many red wines get damaged because they are not kept at their optimal temperatures.

High temperatures of more than 65°F can cause the wine to age faster, leading to a loss in its flavor and aroma. Also, when chilled too cold, it loses its flavor and aroma.

The ideal temperature for any wine depends on the level of fruit, tannin, and alcohol it contains.

Key Factors To Consider

  • Constant temperature – when storing and serving wine, try to maintain its temperature at all costs as it might slow down or fasten chemical reactions which might spoil the wine. Temperatures should be kept constant and fluctuations are prevented.
  • Store in a cool place – red wine becomes better when stored in a cool place. Avoid keeping the wine in areas with direct sunlight or heated areas.

The Ideal Serving Temperature For Red Wine

Wine should be served at a temperature that best reveals some of its features and aroma. The required temperature varies from one wine to another. This greatly depends on the grape variety and its region of origin.

The optimal temperature for serving red wine is 16°C to 18°C, though this is below most of the current modern houses' temperatures. Therefore, before serving the red wine put the wine bottle in the wine cooler for one hour, and then you can serve it.

Examples Of Red Wines And Their Ideal Temperature

  • The following wines can be kept at 18°C and they’re rich, intense, oaky, and peppery reds: Bordeaux, cabernet sauvignon, and Burgundy grand cru.
  • Medium to lighter-bodied red wines should maintain temperatures of between 14° to 16°C, such as; pinot noir, zinfandel, Chinon, Madeira, rioja, and chianti.
  • Also, juicy and fruity reds should be kept at 12°C such as; Beaujolais and Valpolicella.

Every wine has its unique temperature range for storage and serving. Identify the optimal red wine temperature so that you can get the best aroma and flavor when serving it.

Wine coolers or wine cellars are good for keeping the wine bottles at their required temperatures. Avoid storing your favorite red wine in extremely hot or cold temperatures to enjoy it to the maximum. The temperature has a great impact on the way the wine smells and tastes.