Your Guide to Bar Cabinets With Wine Fridges

by Jennifer Kristensen on Apr 24, 2023

taking wine from fridge

If your wine collection is messy and all over the place, a bar cabinet with a wine fridge is the best solution!

If you’re interested in organizing your bottles and improving your drinking experience, from cocktails to beers to wine, read this article. We’ll discuss the benefits of wine storage cabinets and wine fridges and offer some ideas and inspiration!

Benefits of a Bar Cabinet with Wine Fridge

You can keep your wine bottles on your kitchen counter and your liquor bottles in a kitchen cabinet. But a much better option is an organized bar cabinet and temperature-controlled wine fridge. If you’re not convinced, let’s look at the benefits of a proper bar and fridge setup.

Organized Bottles: It’s easy for your wine bottles to wind up in random spots in your home or liquor bottles to be kept in odd places. A bar cabinet and wine fridge make it easy to keep all your bottles well-organized and safe.

Chilled Drinks and Ice: It’s always beneficial to have an extra fridge in your home, especially one that can perfectly chill alcohol and mixers or keep ice cold so your cocktails are chilly.

Elevated Wine Experience: Treating your wine with care and respect will enhance every glass you pour. With a quality fridge and cabinet, you can keep your wine glasses, bottles, and decanters organized and in ideal environmental conditions.

Convenient Cocktail Station: Mixing cocktails can be a little messy and very inconvenient if you have to bop around your kitchen, grabbing the shakers, jiggers, stirrers, and strainers. A bar cabinet means all your alcohol, tools, and mixers are in one convenient place.

Stylish Look: Lastly, with the right cabinet and fridge combination, you can curate a beautiful spot in your home that brings a classy and sophisticated element.

Bar Cabinet with Wine Fridge Ideas and Inspiration

wine stored in wood storage

There are many ways to incorporate a bar cabinet and wine fridge into your home. If you’re unsure where to put the cabinet and fridge in your home, we have some ideas to inspire you.

Slim and Sleek

For a small space, you can create a skinny, vertical bar cabinet with a wine fridge. With a short and skinny wine fridge, you can create a slim bar cabinet above it, so you can have a luxurious setup for alcohol without taking up too much space in your home.

Shelves and Shelves

If you don’t have a large bar cabinet, you can still create a beautiful bar space with a wine fridge. An excellent alternative is to set up a wine fridge and install a sturdy shelf or two above it to hold liquor bottles, jiggers, and other bar accessories. This idea can turn a blank wall into a stylish place to pour yourself a drink.

A Bar Corner

If you have an empty corner in your dining room, living room, or kitchen, it’s the perfect place to install a wine fridge and a bar cabinet. You can snugly set up a compact wine fridge in a corner and install a bar cabinet above it to create a fun bar corner that optimizes an otherwise empty space.

Bartender’s Dream

You can take things to the next level with a bar hutch and an integrated wine fridge. A bar hutch is like a fancy bar cabinet where you can hang glasses, store bar tools, and more! This setup is a bartending dream because everything you need is within arm’s reach and displayed beautifully on this piece of furniture.

Under Stairs Setup

Another brilliant place to set up your bar cabinet with a wine fridge is below a staircase! Decorating and furnishing the awkward space beneath your stairs can be challenging, but it’s an excellent place for a well-organized bar cabinet and compact wine cooler.

Best Built-In Wine Fridges

mini wine refrigerator in kitchen cabinet

Ready to set up your lavish bar cabinet with a wine fridge? We have the perfect collection of wine fridges and coolers to complete your bar! The best wine fridge for you will depend on how many bottles you keep on hand and how much space you have for a refrigerator and cabinet.

Adding a Bar Cabinet with Wine Fridge to Your Home

A bar cabinet in your home will create a designated area for serving wine and making cocktails. Something simple like a cabinet and a fridge can transform how you and your guests enjoy alcohol in your home!

Find a space in your home that could use more function or decoration and turn it into the perfect spot to store your wine bottles and other alcohol. It will elevate your home and drinking experience!


Below are some helpful questions and answers if you are considering adding a bar cabinet with a wine fridge to your house.

Can I DIY a wine fridge into a bar cabinet?

Absolutely! If you think you’re a handy person, you can execute any of the ideas discussed above with some elbow grease and the right materials! Built-in wine fridges are easy to set up and integrate into a beautiful bar cabinet.

Are bar cabinets expensive?

Bar cabinets can be expensive, depending on the brand and quality you choose. A high-quality bar cabinet can cost a few thousand dollars, while a lower-quality one may cost a few hundred dollars. Luxury wine bar cabinets are stunning and fabulous, but affordable bar cabinets can also elevate your home!